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Please note: Our in-store selection changes daily and consists of a variety of items from this menu. While the full menu is not available daily, we make sure that the store is filled with an extensive selection of our desserts.

Each order is custom made right before the scheduled pick up time, please order your dessert by phone or in person at least 24 hrs. in advance. Longer advance notice is recommended before major holidays and during periods of high demand as we want to ensure that our bakers/ decorators are able to give your order their full attention. We accept orders for cakes, cupcakes, mini pastry, cookies, and for a limited number of other items. Please call or email to inquire.

Muffins: blueberry, cranberry walnut, carrot, pumpkin raisin, gingerbread, blueberry raspberry, corn, chocolate chip, banana walnut, blueberry cranberry, cinnamon chip.
$1.90 each
$9.50 half dz.

Muffin loaves: gingerbread, pumpkin raisin or carrot
$9.99 each

Turnovers: apple or raspberry filled
Pie twists: apple or raspberry
$2.49 each

Pie squares: lemon or fig
Brambles: apple, raspberry, lemon or blueberry filled
$2.10 each

Apple dumplings
$3.99 each

Quiche: ham/cheese, bacon/scallion, broccoli/ cheese, spinach/ feta, spinach/ mushroom or roasted red pepper
$12.99 each

Orange bundt cakes
$10.99 small
$15.99 large

Pies: apple, pumpkin
$14.99 each

Pies: chocolate cream, banana cream, key lime, lemon meringue
$17.99 each

Pies: pecan, blueberry, multi berry
 $19.99 each

Chicken pies: white meat, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots
$7.99 small
$16.99 large


 Chocolate chunk cookies, rugola
Brownies: plain, cheese, walnut
Red velvet, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies
$1.50 each

Macadamia nut cookies
$1.75 each

Whoopie pies
Half moons
M&M, chocolate chip, sugar cookies
Specialty cookies: gingerbread, raspberry shortbread, dipped shortbread
$1.99 each

$1.99 each

Gluten free cupcakes
$2.99 each

Character and special design cupcakes: dogs, penguins, butterflies, pandas, etc.
$3.99 each

Cookie packages: butter cookies, raspberry fingers, hazelnut, macaroons, etc.
$10.99 each

Individual cookies: butter cookies, lemon drops, hazelnut, chocolate, raspberry fingers, almond macaroons, coconut macaroons, etc.
$0.50 to $0.85 each


Mocha cakes: white cake, raspberry and coconut roll topped with mocha butter cream, raspberry, and lemon
Icicles: chocolate cake or white cake dipped in chocolate and coconut
Crème brule
 Individual cheesecakes: chocolate covered, brownie/ caramel, red velvet or oreo
Chocolate truffle
 Cake slices: three layer chocolate, chocolate raspberry, carrot, alpine, chocolate mousse, red velvet, etc.
$2.99 each

Tarts: fruit, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, german chocolate, key lime, pecan, pumpkin, raspberry/ almond/ toffee, etc.
$3.79 each

Individual cake cups: tieramisu, caramel cream, strawberry shortcake, mandarin orange mousse, etc.
$3.99 each

Baby cakes: individual birthday or smash cakes
$5.99 each

Chocolate covered strawberries
$2.00 each

Mini pastry: fruit tarts, cream puffs, éclairs, canolli, etc.
French macaroons
$1.45 each
$15.99 dz.


We feature three types of cakes: Basic, Gourmet, and Special Order (adding whipped cream or chocolate ganache frosting to any basic cake will increase the price to gourmet level).  In addition, many are available as gluten free (see * after description).

Basic cakes: ☺ Chocolate, white or mixed with butter cream frosting (ganache drizzle on request)*
☺ Raspberry butter cream (white or choc. cake, rasp. filling, B/C frosting, toasted coconut sides)*
☺ Lemon butter cream (white cake, lemon filling, B/C frosting, toasted coconut sides)
☺ Lemon/ Raspberry butter cream (white cake, lemon and raspberry filling, B/C frosting, toasted coconut sides)*
☺ Boston cream (white cake, italian cream filling, chocolate top)*
☺ Carrot cake (carrot cake, cream cheese frosting)
☺ Fruit tart (sugar cookie shell filled with Italian cream and topped with fresh fruit/berries)
☺ Checkerboard (chocolate and white square cake layered with ganache)
☺ Mocha raspberry (chocolate cake, mocha butter cream, raspberry filling, ganache drizzle)*
☺ Cappuccino (chocolate cake, coffee liquor, mocha butter cream)*
Gourmet cakes: ☺ Chocolate mousse (choc. cake, choc. mousse filling, Oreo crumb sides)*
☺Chocolate ganache (chocolate cake, choc. ganache frosting)*
☺Strawberry shortcake (white cake, filled with fresh straw. in sugar, whipped cream frosting)*
☺Black forest (chocolate cake, black cherry filling, whipped cream frosting)*
☺Caramel mousse (choc. cake, caramel mousse filling, Oreo crumb sides)*
☺German chocolate (choc. cake, caramel, pecan & coconut filling, choc. ganache frosting)*
☺Chocolate raspberry (choc. cake, raspberry filling, choc. ganache frosting)*
☺Tiramisu (white cake, mascarpone cheese, coffee liquor, whipped cream, lady fingers)
☺Fudgy parrot (chocolate cake, ganache and chocolate mousse filling, Oreo crumb sides)*
☺Cheesecakes (plain, choc. covered, fresh strawberry, turtle)
☺Mandarin Orange (white cake, filled with orange mousse, whipped cream frosting)*
☺Red Velvet or Blue Velvet (red or blue velvet cake, cream cheese frosting)
☺Cookies and cream (chocolate cake, oreo filling, chocolate ganache frosting)*
☺Minty kiss (chocolate cake, marshmallow mint filling, chocolate ganache frosting)*

All pre-ordered cakes include a choice of chocolate covered strawberries or flowers for decorations.

 Size  Basic  Gourmet  Gluten Free
 (order 24 hrs. in advance)
 6"  $16.99  $16.99 $25.49   4 - 6
 8"  $28.99  $30.99 $43.49  8 - 12
 10"  $43.99  $49.99  $65.99  12 - 17
 12"  $54.99  $64.99  $82.49  17 - 25
 14"  $64.99  $79.99  $94.99  28 - 36
 16" $94.99  $119.99   $139.99 45 - 55 
 Quarter sheet
 $43.99  $49.99  $65.99  12 - 18
 Half sheet
 $64.99  $79.99  $94.99  28 - 36
 Full sheet
 $114.99  $149.99  $169.49  60 - 75

 Note: most round cakes are 3 layers, all sheet cakes are 2 layers

Children’s kits: Minimum cake size for a child’s theme kit (book of themes available in the store) cake is 10” round. The cost is $9.99 per kit (plus tax), regardless of cake size. Candles: $2.00 each (plus tax).

Special order cakes: One of a kind creations tailored to your occasion. The flavors are as above; however, the look of each cake is designed to compliment your event. Prices for these cakes are determined at the time of order. Please order in person either during the weekend or by appointment.



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