Basic Cakes

Chocolate, White or Mixed with Butter Cream Frosting*

Ganache‎ drizzle on request

Raspberry Butter Cream*

White or choc. Cake, rasp. Filling, b/c frosting, toasted coconut sides

Lemon Butter Cream*

White cake, lemon filling, b/c frosting, toasted coconut sides

Lemon/ Raspberry Butter Cream*

White cake, lemon and raspberry filling, b/c frosting, toasted coconut sides

Boston Cream *

White cake, Italian cream filling, chocolate top

Mocha Raspberry*

Chocolate cake, mocha butter cream, raspberry filling, ganache drizzle

Coconut Dream

Coconut flavored cake, coconut buttercream and filling, coconut flakes covering the entire cake(only comes in 6"&8")

*Denotes Cake Can Be Done Gluten Free

Gourmet Cakes

Chocolate Mousse*

Choc. Cake, chocolate Mousse filling, oreo crumb sides

Chocolate Ganache*

Chocolate cake, chocolate Ganache frosting

Strawberry Shortcake*

White cake, filled with fresh strawberries mixed with sugar, whipped cream frosting

Black Forest*

Chocolate cake, black cherry filling, whipped cream frosting

Caramel Mousse*

Chocolate Cake, caramel mousse filling, oreo crumb sides

German Chocolate*

Choc.‎ Cake, caramel, pecan & coconut filling, chocolate Ganache frosting

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting


Chocolate and white square cake layered with ganache($18.99 for single, $37.98 for double)

Chocolate Raspberry*

Chocolate Cake, raspberry filling, chocolate Ganache frosting

Fudgy Parrot*

Chocolate cake, ganache and chocolate mousse filling, oreo crumb sides

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting, red velvet crumb sides

Cake Details

All custom decorated cakes are all now 4 layers. Serving size has changed due to this. 

Non customized cakes are still offered in our normal 3 layer option.

We are pleased to accommodate any requests you have while ordering your cake. We offer gluten free cakes and cupcakes!

When placing your order, please provide us with adequate guidance for decor. We thrive on creativity, but work best when we have an idea of what the customer likes. If you have trouble coming up with a theme, some of our popular choices include chocolate covered strawberries or buttercream flowers.

Sweet Spot Bakery

163D West Emerson Street

Melrose, MA


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